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taskmanagerThe above graphic is the new Windows 8 Task Manager showing resources being used.  The increased activity is when I started Second Life.  Of note is the workings of the CPU which runs higher than its base clock speed of 3.4 GHz. This is the turbo facility.

My old computer broke, there was a fault on the RAM sockets and / or a fault on the power supply. It was 5 years old and I deemed it unfixable. It took a month of testing to find this out. I bought a tablet (ASUS) to keep me going while I got a new passport for financial ID purposes this took nearly two months. Then I ordered a new PC which took a week to arrive. It cost about the same as the computer I bought 5 years ago. However it was a third again faster in processor speed 3.4 GHz with…

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5 things you think about Fargo, North Dakota — that you shouldn’t

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Fargo: the fiction. Billy Bob Thornton stars in the FX television show Fargo. This show is based on the Coen Brothers movie, and gives the absolute wrong impression of my city. Photo: FX Fargo: the fiction. Billy Bob Thornton stars in the FX television show Fargo, which is based on the Coen Brothers movie. Both give the absolute wrong impression of my city. Photo: FX

By Greg Tehven

Fargo, North Dakota, has a skewed reputation. This city, which happens to be my hometown, rocketed to infamy thanks to the 1996 dark comedy by the Coen Brothers about a down-on-his-luck car salesman (William H. Macy) who plans to have his wife kidnapped, and the sheriff (Frances McDormand) who investigates what happens when the plan goes terribly awry. Fargo is a great film—I mean, it won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay—but it also planted some very off ideas about the city I call home. And just as the jokes were finally dissipating, FX rolled out a new, addictive TV show also called Fargo that dredged up the stereotypes anew.

I grew up on a…

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New System


Yes it has arrived and it is more than I expected it to be. The 27 inch monitor is so much bigger than 5 inches extra from the 22 inch. However I can seamlessly join the two monitors together. creating a space of 3890 x 1080. Because they both run at 1080p each window can be dragged to either monitor or stretched to cover both without loss of resolution nor having to be resized.

Here is the monitor set up :


Here’s what The Junkyard looks like:

Junkyard Wide

Click on the picture to view better. As you can see without zooming the whole of the dance floor can be viewed. Awesome. The speed of the new system is super and I am really pleased how second life performs. Running at 18 fps in high to ultra. But I will play with the settings and see. I made a video using two…

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Need Attention?

I get great inspiration from reading other peoples blogs, well not just “others”. I have my favs. One of them is Serendipidy Haven. I wish I could write as well as she does. However she brings up a topic and suddenly something I have been working on clicks into place. She spoke of flattery and this immediately tied in with having the right perspective in the vast scheme of things. Her blog and this below, occurred in a 12 hour period. Serendipity [the accident of finding something good or useful while not specifically searching for it]…….I guess.

Consider this found by my 19 year old daughter which I made a video of as free WordPress can’t embed flash:

Do It Yourself here, each object can be clicked with an info panel a slider does scale. The above is just a video.

Sort of puts things into perspective doesn’t it.

Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

However from recent research I have noticed patterns. These patterns seem to be indicating something universal. Here are two pictures:

1. The Internet as shown in a TED lecture on cyborgs


2. Neural Networks and a Galaxy from an RSAnimate lecture on networks


This is suggesting that there is a universal structure.

In my view the Internet is showing us that the idea that we are an isolated organism going about our solitary existence is wrong thinking. It comes from an inability to empathize (see RSAnimate on Empathy) and from our habit of being introspective to understand ourselves when being outrospective looking at the world outside again empathically sees us as a group animal. Flattery panders to the ego and implies you are more beautiful, clever etc etc than another. This is divisive. All comparisons are divisive. the message of the above site is not “Oh look how small I am compared to Galaxy X” nor is it “Oh look how big I am compared to an ant”  but rather see how I am a structure just like any other structure and it is likely my pattern is the same as every pattern in the universe.

What I will suggest is that if you are in harmony, in tune, then things happen. I call this The Great Unified Field Theory Of Everything Not Previously Explained Before or TGUFTOENPEB for short.

Need attention dear human?

Your are a child of the universe no greater nor lesser than anything else. Do not let the false  god ego rule your lives.  The rule of thumb for me is if you see something good, emulate it. If you see something bad make sure it does not arise in yourself.

Compliments? Well quite honestly I find them a tad embarrassing. A simple “Well Done” followed by “So what you doing next?” will suffice.


Philip / Dude